Loui Loui
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A one-woman agency.


I’m a Marketing Professional who builds, connects + grows.

‘Loui Loui’ is a one-woman agency offering a variety of services within modern marketing and PR. Workshops & lectures. Interim leadership positions. Activation strategy. Customized digital, social, and content marketing plans. I’m a specialized generalist for a reason.




Wollmar Yxkullsgatan.
Stockholm, Sweden.


0046 (0) 70 25 75 121

Areas of Practice


If you’re in the beginning setting up an in-house studio — or need support within the marketing dept, count me in. I can assist setting up the right infrastructure allowing the team to thrive, focusing on the bigger picture; strategy, collaboration, diversity, external inspiration and creative space.

If you need more hands-on support with an already existing marketing strategy, I’m up for that to. PR, social media, social e-commerce, growth marketing. I’m a specialized generalist for a reason.


During the last years I’ve cultivated wider skills within the marketing and leadership-sphere, creating operational synergy between cross functional teams, and by increasing my emotional intelligence, I’ve developed greater ability to effectively manage, lead, inspire, motivate, and influence others. I take on intermin leadership positions.


I believe in the value of sharing. So as a industry-aware professional, I enjoy sharing my know-how. Either in a classroom for students, or at the boardroom. See me as a facilitator, guide and mentor. I can wip up a workshop or breakfast seminar on modern marketing, content & social media strategy and/or community building.

Previous client designer for ‘Berghs School of Communication’, online program ‘Digital PR’. Present Industry Leader at Hyper Island in ‘Content Developer’. I teach to thrive.


I can deliver on communications strategy, narrative and key messages. Further than that, I’ll eliminate the gap between strategy development and execution, ensuring the strategy gets carried out through the right kind of activities. Bringing it to life with the right set of channels and technology platforms.


I enjoy both the nitty-gritty side of things (taking photographs) as well as the big picture (strategy thinking). I can help you with your content marketing strategy, content creation, creative idea planning, community nurturing and editorial planning.

Depending on need, I can give you my take on social media photography as well as how to grow a digital audience focusing on relationships.

PARENT TALK, FLOWER WALk, or simply coffee.

Let’s connect and put the business side of things aside. <3