Loui Loui
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Marketing. Strategy. Humanity.


Behind the glasses.

I consider myself as a modern "Jill of all trades". Or a specialized generalist?! (I'm just too curious to pour my energy and passion into mastering one skill) - Nevertheless I embrace the benefits of breadth, interdisciplinary thinking and diverse experience.

I’m a marketing professional with leadership skills, who knows how to create awareness and build and maintain relationships, a self-thought photographer, and an educator at Hyper Island and Berghs School of Communication.

My services ranges from interim leadership positions, day-to-day consultancy to holding lectures within the area of modern communication.

—- <3 —-

On a more personal note. I believe in real connections. In vulnerability and in kind leaders.

I'm also a lover of flower. Stories I share on Instagram @Louiselj and on my photo-portfolio.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden.