Gothenburg baby - 24h city guide

If you live in Stockholm, you rarely find a reason to visit the city of Gothenburg - Sweden's second largest city. Why would you when you have the best of shops, cafes, restaurants around the corner...or? Well, it turns out that I was pretty wrong. Gothenburg is a magnificent, inspiring city! We got to spend 24h there, so here follows a mini-guide:

Stay at Hotel Pigalle. A unique and romantic french inspired boutique hotell. This place really made out stay in the city! All 26 rooms are individually decorated, great service-minded staff and excellent breakfast. Really recommended!

Da Matteo, Magasingatan, is synonymous with superb coffee that they roast in their own roasting facility. This place has been crowned best café in Sweden 2015 at the White Guide - and I really can understand why! Great staff, good place for people-watching and simply great java. 


For any interior-related shopping, head to Artilleriet, Magasingatan 19. You'll find an eclectic and diverse collection of home furnishings, furniture, and accessories. While in buying mood, head to their kitchenware sister-shop called 'The Kitchen'. A store designed to inspire you to the perfect culinary place. Their online-shop is also really great. For someone with a big wallet that is :)

Meet Artilleriets latest project - The Studio. An apartment of three rooms and a kitchen filled to the brim with furniture, textiles and art.. A smart way of product placement in a real, dream home. Brilliant! 

We are many to have a hidden Pinterest board of wedding-goals. My dreamy virtual board sort of came true when walking into the Zetterberg Couture store at Södra Larmgatan 2. DREAM IRL. Bridal and evening dresses of minimalistic lace and elegant details. 

And then we have Floramor & Krukatös.. a pottery and flower shop located in a beautiful old building in central Gothenburg. Really one of the most beautiful shops in Gothenburg!  

All photos was taken with my iPhone. Let me know if there's any stores missed out from this intensive 24h trip! Would love to visit next time!

100 Day of Bloom

There's just so many things that I love about internet. One, to find inspiration that inspires. A great example (thank you Pinterest), was to stumble upon Kate Rabbit's wonderful project 100 Days of Bloom. Kate creates floral artworks based on various lifestyle and fashion images. She decorates them with cut-out flowers and hand-drawn illustrations....

I just love them so much. Check them out by yourself! A little glimpse below. More on her Instagram @Lovekaterabbit <3


Melbourne love affair

So this is a super late mini-guide to Melbourne. A city that I'm having a little love affair with. If you follow along on Instagram, you might have seen that I changed cold Scandinavian weather to the warmth of Melbs during March this year. A 22-hour flight with the very hectic 9-months baby Leopold. 

The flight went well (thank god for night flights).. and I truly loved Melbourne! Spent most of our time in Fitzroy/Collingwood, the most interesting (hipster-ish) area, filled with great places to eat and shop. ++ it's all so green and lush. 

The Melbourne café life is rich and I was lucky to visit some great places. Here's a quick list of my favorite spots:
The Little Mule Café
Everyday Coffee
Smith Street Alimentari
All Press Roastery

I'll share some more photos later on, including Loose Leaf and our trip to Bali.

<3 To our family living in Melbourne. I can't wait to get back again!

Not enough time..

You know the feeling. That there simply isn't enough time in the day. It goes so fast, minutes, hours, days, the cycle goes on. So a cure right now, simply to stop and smell the roses. Or just stop and look at imagery on peonies.

<3 Louise  

February inspiration

This inspires me:

1. The constant inspiration. Tulips. Picture from my visit to the dreampark Keukenhof, Holland.
2. Little Liffner. A new accessory brand creating beautiful, minimalistic bags.  
3. Light. Slanted floors. Always a romantic detail with old apartments.
4. Water Bulb from Finnish Samuji. 
5. Ricotta for breakfast. This will soon happen again. With raspberries and pink peonies. Spring I welcome you.