February inspiration

This inspires me:

1. The constant inspiration. Tulips. Picture from my visit to the dreampark Keukenhof, Holland.
2. Little Liffner. A new accessory brand creating beautiful, minimalistic bags.  
3. Light. Slanted floors. Always a romantic detail with old apartments.
4. Water Bulb from Finnish Samuji. 
5. Ricotta for breakfast. This will soon happen again. With raspberries and pink peonies. Spring I welcome you.

Life 2.0

I love my baby so much. How life can change so fast - It's overwhelming and very beautiful. Only 2 months and so much hair!


Thank you Google.

Where life takes you when you're driving around the car, with no clue about where to spend the night that very evening. Our little family ended up at Mörtfors Guesthouse (Sweden). A picturesque place located next to a gorgeous stream and mill. Thank you Google.

Life including pink peonies

This is how the beginning of my summer looked like. Quality time with my friend Frida in her old and wonderful "schoolhouse", picking peonies from my mothers garden and wandering around Stockholm..Life in pictures:


Hem Creatives

A little while ago I collaborated with Hem, a Berlin-based design brand with qualitative, good looking and not-too-expensive furniture. I was happy to spend a day in our home with wonderful Ilenia Martini (@ilemartini), art director at Hem. 

Below you'll see some of the furnitures in our home, I have shared a few more on Instagram (here, here and here). My favorite is clearly the 'Pocket Armchair' - love the color of the leather and how it blends in with our favorite painting:

Flotsam // waterplants

Flower portraits captured underwater. Beautiful work by Australian photographer Lisa Orgini.

"Constantly drawn back to using plants and flowers in my work, I wanted to strip back and simplify from my previous work and let the flowers speak for themselves, as though I am taking their portraits. The added element of water was initially a way to highlight the natural forms, colors and textures."

Falling in love with Lisbon

Earlier this spring we spent a weekend in Lisbon, Portugal. Oh my what a beautiful city. This was my first time there, but definitely not the last. Buildings are dressed in tiles, laundry drying in narrow alleys, great food, climate and friendly people. 

There's lots of great restaurants. Pictured below is 'Pharmacia', a farmacy-themed restaurant integrated into the Pharmacy Museum just near Tagus river viewpoint. 

Nestled in the heart of Lisbon's picturesque district: Alfama, we stayed our nights at boutique hotel Memmo AlfamaOnce a shoe polish factory, this laidback and cozy little gem offers a chic little pool, great, clean and designed rooms, a fantastic breakfast with local flavors and the most magnificent views over Alfama and the Tagus river. Wouldn't mind staying here again and I can't recommend if enough! 

Keukenhof in bloom

If you've been following along on Instagram, you might know that I spent a couple of unforgivable days in Holland last year spring. I was invited by Visit Holland to visit the most impressive flower park ever - Keukenhof. With its 7 million spring-flowering bulbs, the festival is something you never ever will forget. The colorful display of flowers sticks like glue on your brain long after you're gone.

We first visited Keukenhof Castle in Lisse. Located right across the road from the park. The estate has more than 200 acres of woodland, meadows and a beautifully landscaped park with 18 monuments. See the first photo below, loved the 17th century decoration.

While at Keukenhof and to get a bit of freedom and space (the park has around 800,000 visitors a year) - I truly enjoyed renting a bike and to see the more wild tulip fields in the surrounding. 

Let me know if you're planning a stay and I'll help you with more tips!

(The Keukenhof theme for 2015 will be Van Gogh.)